The "Return to the Source" Oral History Project

A major part of this website, my “home” online, is to share the work that I’ve poured my passion into over the past fifteen years. You can move through various “rooms” that display the projects I have worked on or projects currently under way.

One example is an oral history project that I developed as part of my doctoral research (dating back to 2008). The project is an effort to help preserve the stories of elders in the African Diaspora for future generations.

This site will soon include video and audio oral histories, blog entries regarding cultural/historical events and other related content to educate and inspire.

Why this project? Why this website?
Oral history is our tradition. Therefore, it makes sense to record oral history as it reflects the best way for our elders to tell the stories that make up our history in their own voices. The testimonies also serve the purpose of transmitting cultural values that can be passed from one generation to the next. I hope this endeavor builds interest in the history of the African Diaspora for all who visit the site. I also hope the project spreads passion for the knowledge of self that comes with discovering one’s roots.

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