2008 RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, New Brunswick, NJ/ PhD, History 

Dissertation:  “ ‘Free Men Name Themselves’: Cape Verdeans in Massachusetts Negotiate Race, 1900-1980”/ Dissertation Chair: David Levering Lewis; 

1996 DUKE UNIVERSITY, Durham, NC  

BA in History & Cultural Anthropology; Certificate in African & African-American Studies


Late 19th & 20th Century African-American History African-American Women’s History
African Diaspora Studies/ Cabo Verdean (Cape Verdean) Studies Hip Hop Studies
Black Music/ Popular Culture/ African Diaspora Popular Culture Critical Education Research
Blackness & Construction of Race
Women of Color Feminisms
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
Social Justice & Education


African-American History 1 (Pre-US Slavery to 1865)

African-American History 2 (Post US Slavery to Present)

African-American Women’s History, African Socialism, US History Survey

Cape Verdeans in New England

Women of African Cultures

Women in Africa & African Diaspora

Women of Color in the US

Women & Gender in the Media

Women in US Social Movements

Foundations in Transnational

Cultural & Community Studies

Foundations in Critical Ethnic & Community Studies, Migration & Diaspora

Hip Hop History & Context

History of Black Studies

“Back to Our Roots”: Introductory Africana Studies for K-12 (SABURA Youth Programs)

“Back to Our Roots”: Introductory Cape Verdean Studies for K-12 (SABURA Youth Programs)

Hip Hop History & Context

Black Liberation Music

Women & Music in the African Diaspora

African Diaspora Since 1800, Foundations in Critical Ethnic & Community Studies

Migration & Diaspora, Intro to Black Studies

Black Power Movement

Civil Rights Movement